One of the best ways to get a new bicycle is to trade in your old one with our Trade-In service. Zepnat Cycles is always looking for good quality bikes to sell second hand, we are especially interested in Frog Children’s Bikes, Road Bikes, Cyclocross bikes and Hybrid Bikes.  For an estimate, please bring your bike in for a full evaluation.  If the bike meets our criteria, we will make an offer that can be used towards the purchase of a new bike.


We can offer you an approximate valuation electronically if you email us  pictures of your bike, its age/year of manufacture, condition and tell us the bike you interested in trading it in for. Please send emails to We will still need to see your bike in our shop before confirming a value.

Alternatively, please view our bicycle valuation guide here.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is my bike worth ?
  2. Can I trade my bike in against any bicycle ?
  3. Do you accept any brand or type of bicycle ?
  4. Is there a limit on the age of the bicycle?
  5. Do you require my proof of purchase (POP)?
  6. What new bikes can I trade my bike in against ?
  7. Do you buy bikes outright and not as a trade-in against a new bicycle.


1) Many factors should to be taken into consideration when evaluating the value of a bicycle. You can view a more detailed account of how we evaluate Bicycle value here :

  • Condition : This is of primary importance, along with the bicycles age.
  • Age: The newer the bicycle the more it is worth. However we often sell bikes that are 5+ years old so we may still offer you a trade-in value, but realistically it won’t be worth as much as a 1-2 year old bike.
  • Specification : Is your bike up-to-date or is it fitted with older technology ?
  • Trade Value : How much the bike was worth new. Bicycle shops buy new bikes at trade price and excluding VAT. This is the starting point for evaluating a bicycles value.

2) Yes & No. In most cases it will be yes. However, if the bike we are selling is on special offer with 30% discount, the trade in value is likely to be less than against a bike at RRP. Also, we wouldn’t realistically take a niche product like a £3000 Time trial bike in part-ex against a £1000 cyclocross bike.

3) We are interested in all quality bicycle brands from Raleigh through to Trek/Specialized/Giant etc and even premium brands like Colnago. We are especially interested in bikes we retail new such as Ridley, Frog, Kuota, Scott & Raleigh/diamondback. The only bicycles we don’t trade-in are lower quality brands typically from some Supermarkets, some chain stores and Mail Order catalogues.

We are interested in most types of bicycle as well, the ones we are unlikely to be interested are very niche bicycles, e.g… a Penny Farthing, a 62cm £6000 Time trial bike, a tricycle or recumbent, a 1990’s Pre-Disc Downhill bike  etc.

4) No, but age does affect value, in particular we have to be careful with older steel bikes as frame integrity/structure can be affected by rust , we have to be confident a bike isn’t going to fail whilst a customer is riding it.

5) Yes…ideally. Bicycle theft is a real issue in this industry and we have to have some safeguards against buying stolen bikes. Without POP we would at least need two forms of I.D. with photograph and address.  However, if you are or have been a regular customer, live locally and we know someone that knows you we are likely to be less stringent.

6) Any that we have in-store…. we have a relatively small shop though (approx 20 bikes on display), so there are a wide range of bicycles we can order through distributors if there is something you are specifically interested in. Brands we can supply are : Ridley, Kuota, some Scott’s, Raleigh, Diamondback, Marin, Frog, Genesis, Ridgeback, Moda, Forme, Cuda and Kinesis. We can also custom-build bikes to your specific requirements.

7) Yes, we are always interested in quality second-hand bicycles to retail in our store. The value we offer is likely to less though compared to a trade-in against a new bike at RRP.