BBB Easyfit Bell

Lightweight aluminum bicycle bell with stainless steel spring. Can be mounted in various positions. Quick-release straps fits all diameters. Easy to install and remove. Colors: black, red, blue,green

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Hornit db140 Cycle Horn

RRP : £29.99 At 140dB it’s equivalent to a jet engine and 4 x louder than the competition. Now cyclists can actively alert lorries, buses, cars and pedestrians to their presence (rather than hoping to be seen) which makes cycling safer. Piercing 140 decibel sound 2 modes, including quieter ‘Car … Continued

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Hornit Mini Hornit Cycle Horn

The ultimate lights and sound effects toy for kids’ bikes and scooters. 12 lumen bike lights and 25 fun sound effects help to keep your child safe. 12 lumen white lights 12 lumen green lights 25 sounds Remote trigger Wings clip on … Continued

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SystemEx A-Headset Spacer Bell

Compact bell to fit in place of a 1″1/8 stem spacer. equivilent to a 10mm spacer

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SystemEx Ping Bell
Multi-Fit bell supplied with rubber bands
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XLC Mini Bell with Loop Fastening

Brass colour Loop fitting 19g

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