Clarks Galvanised Brake Cable

Galvanized brake inner cables with barrel nipples 2000 mm (each)

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Fat Spanner Cable Ends Crimp Pack

10 crimps per pack Choice of black, red, blue or gold.

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Front Cable Hanger

Front cable Hanger for for Froggleg Cantilever brakes or similar, choice of 1″ or 1″1/8 Available with tension adjuster for brake cable.

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Jagwire Elite Slick Stainless Brake Cable 1.7m

Ultra slick, uncoated, nano polished stainless steel super low friction cable

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Jagwire Road Pro Brake/Gear Kit

Jagwire’s Road Pro Kits deliver enhanced performance and style. Teflon® -coated cables used with our Slick-Lube liners dramatically reduce friction while Kevlar® reinforced, compressionless brake housing delivers smooth, powerful braking performance. And with all needed parts included, our Road Pro … Continued

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Rear cable Hanger 34.9mm

Rear cable Hanger for for Frogleg Cantilever brakes or similar. For any bicycle using cantilever brakes without a rear frame hanger. 34.9mm integrated seatclamp typically used on frames with a 31.6mm seatpost.  

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Tektro 1277A Fork mount Cable Hanger

Tektro Cable Hanger – Fork Mount (Black) – Front cable hanger for mounting on the fork crown. – Includes cable tension adjuster. Sometimes helps to reduce brake judder.

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