Defeet Slipstreams Oversocks

As recently as the late 1980’s, professional road cyclists would wear a pair of socks over their shoes while racing and training. If asked why they did this, they would answer “It’s warmer, more aerodynamic, keeps my shoes cleaner, looks … Continued

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Outer Edge Windster Overshoes

RRP : £16.99 Don’t let the weather stop you riding, protect your shoes with the Outeredge Windster overshoe. A windproof and waterproof cover to keep your feet dry and warm on your rides. With a heavy duty soft Lycra back … Continued

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Proviz Reflect 360 Waterproof Overshoes

The REFLECT360 waterproof shoe covers are the latest addition to the highly popular REFLECT360 range. The shoe covers have exceptional waterproofing as they are PU coated fleece. In short, they will keep you warm and dry! They also have the … Continued

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