Topeak Mini Dual

Powerful and compact, this dual action mini pump fills tyres fast – road or MTB. Aluminium barrel Effortlessly inflates to 120psi Quickly converts between Presta and Schrader valve Snap-on mudcap Thumb-lock lever ensures airtight seal 27.4×3.8×1.8cm 148g without gauge

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Topeak Peakini II

A lightweight, super powerful fat tyre mini pump. This one-piece moulded composite pump is built to last almost as long as you. State-of-the-art moulding technology produces a unique one-piece barrel and head Smooth, pumping action Ergonomic T-handle Pumps more air per stroke than most other mini … Continued

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Topeak Road Pump

A modern take on the classic frame fit pump for road bikes. A long, machine-cut barrel quickly inflates those high pressure road tyres. Pumps to 160psi. Machine cut, sleek aluminium barrel; durable and lightweight Padded pump head with internal handle lock for easy gripping, handling and pumping … Continued

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