Knog Blinder 1 TwinPack

The Knog Blinder 1 Twinpack light set is a great secondary/ safety system for your bike.  The front light emits 20 lumen whilst the rear delivers 11. Whilst not bright enough to see in dark conditions, they are bright enough … Continued

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Knog Blinder Mob

With different technologies for different urban riders, the Blinder MOB Rear’s five dark characters come in front, rear and vertical rear lights. They have a range of weapons to beat the competition, like 2 (front) or 3 (rear) interchangeable straps – including one … Continued

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Knog POP r LED Rear Light

What’s loved by some, might not be so loved by others. So instead of compromising, Knog have made 10x designs for three lights, some are mild, some are wild, but the striking form does not outshine the excellent function. Super … Continued

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