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AXA 2 LED Greenline Rear USB Rechargeable Rear Light

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AXA 2 LED Greenline Rear USB Rechargeable Rear Light

  • 2 LED Rear Light
  • Light visible up to 1200m away
  • 3 hours of charge
  • Battery warning indicator at 20%

What is AXA Greenline?
Great visibility in traffic is of great importance in order to ensure the safety of cyclists. With the new generation of bicycle lights, AXA goes one step further by combining this requirement with a compact design, luminous efficiency and ease of use. The new AXA Greenline is sustainably chargeable via a USB port or AC adaptor and offers the best possible visibility in any condition. At 30 LUX, the light intensity of the front and rear lights can be set to two brightness settings. This is useful if you want to prolong the usage time or are riding from a lit street into darkness.

High Performance in Everyday Use
The AXA Greenline is the smallest high- performance, rechargeable lighting product range on the market. With its compact dimensions and the flexible rubber fastening strap, you can comfortably take the lights with you when you park your bike. The AXA Greenline fits on almost every bicycle and can also withstand impact. Operation is guaranteed at temperatures of between –100C and +400C. Even rain and snow have no chance. Come rain or shine, AXA Greenline will light your way. Each and every day.

The Future is Green
The AXA Greenline combines the green cycling feeling with a rechargeable battery which is less damaging to the environment. You simply charge the AXA Greenline with the USB cable supplied. A full battery charge takes 2 to 4 hours, but the lights also function well even if the battery isn’t fully charged. AXA Greenline offers years of cycling pleasure with a service life of more than 1000 charges.