Dynaplug Megaplugger Tubeless Repair Tool

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  • Got a mega problem? You need a Megaplugger!
  • Dynaplug is the fastest, easiest and all-round best way to repair a tubeless tyre mid-ride, when needed, just remove whatever caused the puncture, firmly push the novel insertion tube straight into the hole and extract the tool depositing the repair plug in the tyre, done!
  • The sealant-friendly repair plug is a unique viscoelastic impregnated rubber that bonds instantly and permanently with your tyre, and the nonabrasive brass tip will not scratch your rim or puncture your rim tape
  • No need to remove the tyre, no messy glues or solvents, just plug and ride!
  • The Megaplugger comes ready for anything with both standard soft nose plugs for typical holes and the extra-large Megaplugs for fixing more serious tyre damage
  • Add as many plugs as needed, folding each tail against the tyre as you insert plugs. A plug tail can be snipped off later if it bothers you; trim to about 4mm long depending on the location
  • When not in use, the Megaplugger is a pack-friendly 127 mm long and weighs just 34 grams, less than an energy gel
  • You can conveniently store 1 or more pre-loaded insertion tubes in the hollow grip handle
  • Kit includes the tool, standard and mega plug insertion tubes, 2 x Megaplugs, 3 x soft nose standard plugs and a pipe cleaner to help prep the tubes for reloading
  • Made with pride in the USA using patented technology and warrantied for life under normal usage

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