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Topeak Tri-Backup Pro Parallel Mount

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This highly versatile, lightweight mount allows you to carry bottles, tools, tyres, tubes, CO2 inflators and more. Ideal for long training hours in the saddle or when your flat out on race. Available in 2 versions to mount on horizontal parallel rails, or further back on the ‘v’ section on the saddle rails.

  • Adjustable for 2 angles
  • Aluminium construction
  • Mounts to the parallel section of the saddle rails
  • 102g

Compatible with;

  • Tri-BackUp Air Station
  • Tri-BackUp TubeBag
  • Tri-BackUp TyreBag
  • Ninja TC Road
  • Ninja CO2+
  • Ninja Cage

Please note : this product is the mount only and does not include a bottle cage or bottle.