Vittoria Cross XL Mud Tubular

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This is a great value mud tubular with an aggressive & deep tread pattern, also has rubberised side walls for improved longevity.

The fourth in Vittoria’s family of cross racing tubulars, Cross Evo XL is for wet, muddy courses.

Same 320 TPI casing, latex inner, and MTB World Cup-derived tread compound as other Cross Evos, but with aggressive, widely-spaced tread knobs to shed mud and grip firmly in acceleration, braking, and cornering, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

  • New tread pattern designed especially for muddy conditions
  • Low-pressure compatible casing
  • Grips in the mud, rolls fast on the pavement

‘The course was pretty tacky in some sections, but was deceptively slick in the downhill corners. The course was also dark, and got progressively chewed up as the night wore on. I opted to use the Vittoria Cross-XL tyres because no matter what I might encounter, they offer security I can always count on’ – Justin Lindine

  • 28″ x 33c 440g