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Designed to put a smile on your face throughout muddy rides, Vittoria’s Terreno Wet G+ Tubular Cyclocross Tyre presents excellent stability and control.

Utilising the 3C compound construction process, Vittoria are able to fine-tune a tyre with three separate compound layers that present unmatched versatility, with improved tread flex, rebound and base stability. Combine the 3C technology with G+ ISOtech material and you receive a tyre that is extremely grippy without sacrificing speed or ride quality.

Composed with full knob siping and cleaning channels, this tread proves to be flexible on slick surfaces whilst excelling in muddy terrains. The cleaning channels enable excellent traction by cleaning mud and debris away so you can push harder in wet conditions.

Boasting reduced rolling resistance, this tubular tyre offers increased comfort compared to standard clinchers. With the ability to run lower tyre pressures for increased traction and control, the inner latex construction works with the supple material of the tyre to minimise impact deflection. Without a doubt, this tyre assures the most desirable ride performances in the mud.

  • Alternating centre-ridge rolls fast, and provides forward traction
  • Exclusive 3C compound construction featuring G+ ISOtech compound technology
  • Full knob siping keeps the tread flexible on slick surfaces
  • Generous cleaning channels guide mud and debris away from the traction point
  • Inner latex construction
  • Weight: 445g (33),
  • 700x33c